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Rag and Bone (ver. 2) - How My Artistry Is Criminally Underappreciated.

When I showed a demo of this to Matt P (producer, dreamweaver, visionary), his initial reaction was: WHY??? Rag and Bone the first (see Calamity EP) did not need a Rag and Bone the Second.

I listened carefully to all advice and then ignored it, as is my wont.

Tragically, I think almost everyone prefers version 1 to version 2. Come to think of it, I can only really pinpoint myself who likes version 2 best.

But does version 1 have a bus on it? No it does not. Ergo, version 2 better.

The line 'I would love to know you, I can't stay for long' came to me one day when I was walking through Chapel Ash towards Wolverhampton ring road. I always felt that line was a bit tacked on to the end of version 1, so I rewrote the whole lyric to narrate the experience more fully.

Wandering the city where the atoms fly and never come to rest, between discos on the night train and beggars on the street, the stones and the cracks in the pavement were singing: I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW YOU I CAN'T STAY FOR LONG.

You see? Works better. Phillistines.

Listen to the better version of Rag and Bone here: