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Morning, Morning

MORNING, morning everyone...
how are you?
do come in...
take a seat, have a cup of tea.



Now, let me tell you of ISOLATION and ALIENATION.

This song was composed in the summer of 2019. ALthough it is 'pre-lockdown', the motifs of empty rooms and plague crosses, as well as the aforementioned isolation and alienation, make this song very 'current'. Clearly I am blessed with second sight.*

The sense of social ostracism (shut away with the madmen) pervades, restricted horizons give rise to a vague sense of longing (far away there's a city...). I find myself looking more towards the past as the present gets uglier.

I went outside today, the sense of liberty was palpable, but incomplete.

*Like Mal in the Midsomer Murders episode 'Second Sight'.