Notes on the Struggle: A General Light Introduction

The Calamity

Notes on the Struggle: A General Light Introduction

Greetings, friends.

Those of you with eagle eyes on our virtual and actual 'presence' will have noted that we haven't been very visible of late. DO NOT PANIC. This is merely a period of collective rejuvenation and contemplation before we return to the public realm, stronger than ever before.

During our hibernation period (we seem to have one every year), much has happened; many plans have been laid, the mechanisms have been fine tuned. We have planned the launch of our new range of Calami-teas and Calami-tees for mid-2019, and soon, dear fans, there will be no aspect of your life which isn't completely on brand. Steph has had her knee bolted back together, putting her out of gigging action for the time being but bringing us closer to our goal of making the band 60% metallic by 2023. Another exciting element of our newest five-year plan is this website. I hope you will enjoy this inaugural blogpost, and all future content. Other elements of the five-year plan are too secret for me to tell you, and most are too secret for me to know, as Mr Smith, chairman of the Committee for Propaganda and Public Relations, considers me a liability and a security risk. I just play the guitar and sing into a microphone, I know precious little. So, as the nights draw in, and we walk, step after step, in darkness, console yourself. Our hibernation will end soon. In the meantime, you can watch our video for 'Lifestyle Express'. Repeatedly. Farewell for now friends, Billy